Phase One IQ1 Kits

If you were considering starting off the New Year by upgrading your medium format system, now is the perfect time.  Phase One is starting off 2018 with promotional pricing on two different camera kits that you can check out below:

XF IQ1 100MP Camera System Includes:
XF Camera Body XF Prism Viewfinder
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS Lens
IQ1 100MP Digital Back 

1 Year Warranty
List price $35,990
Promo Price $29,990 

The IQ1 100MP Camera System provides everything you need to capture beautiful, professional images.  The quality of a 100MP digital back pushes you ahead of your competition as a photographer.  Although the IQ1 System is more affordable than the IQ3, it’s still compatible with the XF Camera System, which allows owners to upgrade every time there is a Feature Update.  This will keep this camera’s repertoire growing with time.  Learn more about the newest Feature Update in our blog post covering Update #4.  This kit also comes with a workhorse 80mm lens and everything you need to get started.   

Certified Pre-Owned XF IQ1 60MP Camera System Includes:
CPO XF Camera Body*
CPO XF Prism Viewfinder
CPO SK 80mm LS Lens
CPO IQ1 60MP Back 

1 Year Warranty
List price $20,980
Promo Price $14,990 

The IQ1 60MP Camera System offers a more affordable option for photographers looking for an entry into the medium format wheelhouse.  It’s an incredible system that also has all the capabilities of the XF Feature Updates. 

*The CPO XF camera body included with the IQ1 60mp Promo will have HAP-1 installed. These can be upgraded to HAP-2 by request for a service fee and can be delivered with the update. This only applies to the CPO XF camera body in the 60mp kit.

The CPO IQ1 60MP kit offers a fantastic price for new users looking to get into medium format, while the IQ1 100MP system should offer great value to quality-conscious photographers seeking higher resolution. 

This promotion is running now through March 31st, 2018.

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