Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rest In Peace Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen was a dear friend that we will sadly miss. 
She was a Great Photographer, Mentor and Teacher.
She was all of the above and more.  
For over Fifty years the world came to know her through the images she made.
Her Family of friends knew her from the hugs, kisses, phone calls & visits
She was tough as nails with a heart of gold. 
We celebrate the Life you led and photographs you made.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

J Spring Fashion Show

Our Rental Department sponsored Jessica Minh Anh and the rest of J Model Management with their Spring Fashion Show. We shot behind the scenes at their fashion shoot, and also got a front row seat at the show!  We had a blast.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cinevate's Morpheus Dolly using the iPhone 6!

Cinevate stopped by yesterday and showed us their cool gadgets. This is a walking in store demonstration using their Morpheus Dolly! Oh yeah, and this was shot on an iPhone 6! We are very impressed. Available in our Rental Department.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Batch Edit in Photoshop Using Actions

Hello everyone. With today's post I am going to show you how seamless and efficient it can be to use Photoshop Actions when editing a large amount of photos at once.

1. Open your image & unlock your layer.
You can unlock your image's layer by double clicking it and selecting "Ok" in the dialog box that appears. 

2. Open your Actions Panel.
Your Actions Panel is located at Windows > Actions.

3.  Create a new Action.
At the bottom right corner of your Actions Panel, you will see a small square icon. Select it to create a New Action.

4.  Name and record your Action.
Once you create your new Action, a dialog box will appear asking you to name and begin recording your Action. For this tutorial, I will name my new Action "Test".

5. Begin editing your image.
This is where you have complete creative freedom. Add your adjustment layers that you normally would to your image. It can be as many as you like. For this example, I kept it simple and only added 3 adjustments. (Brightness, Color Balance and Saturation)

6. Stop Recording.
Once you have your image the way you want it to look and you are satisfied, you can now Stop Recording.  Go back to your Actions Panel and hit the Square icon to the LEFT of the red circle to stop recording.

7. Save your file.

Here is your final result. Let's say hypothetically that you would like all of your images you took that day to have this same Black & White edit you just made, but you don't have the time to spend hours on each one. This is where actions can become beneficial. 

Step 2: Adding your action to another photograph in 60 seconds.

Let's say you want to add your action to this photograph of Central Park.

1. Open and Unlock your image's layer.
 You can unlock your image's layer by double clicking it and selecting "Ok" in the dialog box that appears. 

2. Open your Actions Panel.
Your Actions Panel is located at Windows > Actions.

3.  Select your action you created.
You should see the Action you just created.

4. Press play.
The play button is located at the bottom of the Actions Panel.

5. End Result.
Now your image will have the same edits as your previous image including all of the adjustment layers.

** In conclusion to this tutorial, I do want to say that each image is different. Using Actions can save you a lot of time and give you a cohesive "look" throughout your collection of photographs, but I still suggest to analyze each image's shadows, lighting, saturation, levels, curves, etc after applying an action.  For instance, the lighting and saturation of one photograph may need to be adjusted more than the previous one, and vice versa. Use Actions in your own unique way. **

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Frozen Fountain At Bryant Park

Foto Care Rental's Brian Heinbuecher took these great shots of the Bryant Park fountain while it was frozen solid! He used a #nikon D3X with a 24-120mm lens. Even when it's cold, we're still shooting!