5 Reasons Photographers Love Iceland

With the start of a New Year upon us, we begin to think about all the exciting things these next 365 days could hold for us, including traveling to beautiful places.  One photographer, National Geographic contributor Ira Block, has a special place in mind that he will return to in 2018.  Iceland is a gorgeous Nordic island that technically is a part of Europe, although Iceland is different from other European countries.  With its own language (Icelandic), unique cuisine, and spectacular frozen landscape, it’s truly an incredible place to travel.  Ira Block plans on taking a group of photographers with him for his upcoming trip in March to teach them how to shoot the stunning country of Iceland.  Here are 5 reasons why a photographer would want to visit Iceland:

  •           The Landscape:  Iceland contains active volcanoes on the island.  Combine this with the artic weather conditions and you get incredible natural beauty.  A visitor can expect to see miles of Glacier, steaming geysers, black beaches, and fjords.  There’s nothing more unique than these unexpected contrasting elements: walls of ice and volcanoes spitting smoke and lava. 
  •           Icelandic Horses: Icelandic Horses appear to be mystical creatures that only exist on this icy island.  They are miniature, pony sized horses that are equipped with much denser fur and hair to stay warm in the local climate.  They can trek rough terrain, including slippery ice and mountains.  You’ll be sure to come across some of these locals on your trip to Iceland.
  •        The Northern Lights: Iceland is one of the best places to see and photographic the natural wonder of the Northern Lights.  Aurora Borealis is an energetic reaction in the upper atmosphere resulting from charged electrons being activated by solar wind.  The effect is creates is a breathtaking light show in the sky of moving waves of green and purple light.
  •       The Blue Lagoon: Have you ever spent a day soaking in a completely natural hot spring?  Crystal clear blue water billowing with steam makes for incredible photographs.  In addition to the breathtaking views, the sulfur and silica rich water will naturally heal and refresh you.  You’ll emerge from this excursion feeling like a new person with some incredible images. 
  •        Reykjavik – The capital city of Iceland is full of history, festivals, activities, and local cuisine.  Iceland is rich with unique Viking history and there are many museums you can visit in the capital to immerse yourself in it.  This city is perfect for photographers; the buildings are brightly colored and quaint and it’s right on the coast, surrounded by the sea and snowy mountains. 

These are just a few of the reasons that Iceland is a photographer's playground.  Anyone with a camera in this beautiful country will be inspired to capture all the natural wonders surrounding them.  Ira Block knows Iceland like the back of his hand, having had traveled there many times.  If you would like to learn more about joining him on his upcoming trip, follow the link below. 

All images in this article were shot by Ira Block.