Capture One Pro 11 - Just Announced

Capture One Pro 11 – Just Announced

            Phase One has just announced their newest software release, Capture One Pro Version 11. They have taken their classic and industry leading tethered shooting and raw processing platform and enhanced it again by improving current tools and adding new ones. The biggest push has been broadening the usefulness of layers for quicker and more flexible editing.  As expanded upon in the press release below, Capture One now considers themselves a “layer-centric” application.  You’ll also see expanded support for Photoshop output, including layered options, speed improvements and stability.

Some other Capture One features have been improved to enhance the overall performance of the application.  The color tools have been reworked to make sure color is accurate and optimized for layered color adjustments.  Catalogues have also been improved.

         As with any new software, be it full version or service update, we highly recommend testing in your current environment before rolling out into production. Always check the release notes for compatibility, both operating system and camera wise, to be certain it will work on your system and with your cameras.

Please note, we are still testing this software release for stability. We do this to make sure you can trust the software on set when bringing it into your workflow. We will post a new article letting you know once it has been fully vetted and approved for on-set use.

Pricing has changed with the new version.  Owners of Capture One Pro 9 and 10 can upgrade for $119. New customers can purchase Capture One Pro 11 for $299. Capture One Pro 11 is also available by subscription. Subscribers can simply download the new Capture One Pro 11 release. A single-user subscription is $20 per month for a 12-month plan or a $180 prepaid subscription, paid annually.
To learn more, please check out the official Press Release from Phase One: