Rentals November Update: Profoto

Foto Care Rental supports several brands of lighting equipment, for every photographer and job out there. This month, we would like to highlight Profoto. 

The new Pro 10 2400ws pack is a powerful piece of lighting gear. With extremely short flash duration and TTL capability, this unit is in a class by itself.  It’s combination of a flash duration of 1/80,000s. combined with its recycling time make it higher up on the power scale.  If you want to achieve precision and sharpness with everything you shoot, this is the pack for you.  It’s the perfect tool to freeze motion.   

On the other end of the size scale is the combination of the B1X Monolight and B2 OCF compact units. Both offer small size, TTL remote, battery operation and a more economical price.  The B1s are ideal for on-location photography because they’re cordless and battery operated.  They’re easy to use with intuitive controls and an easy to read LED display.     

Also in the monolight category is the D1 and D2 AC units, offering power, bright modeling lamps and quick recycling.  These lights have a 7 f-stop power range and a short flash duration.  It’s compact and lightweight, with consistent and dependable quality.     

Soon, we’ll be adding the newest member of the Profoto Family to our arsenal.  The Profoto A1, the world’s smallest studio light, is a compact on camera flash with built in TTL.  It’s a Profoto Studio light, just smaller.  It’s rounded head delivers soft light with natural, smooth, fall-off.  It’s easy to use, with fast recycling so you never miss a shot.  It can be used both on the camera and off.  Look out for this new light at Rentals in 2 weeks. 

All the lights talked about in this post work with the full range of Profoto accessories. Stop by the rental department for a demonstration of any of the great equipment we support.

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B1x Monolight
 $   45.00
 $  135.00
B2 OCF kit
Pro 8 w/head
Pro 10 w/head
D1 500 Monolight
D2 1000 Monolight