Profoto Releases the "World's Fastest Monolight and Flash" at Photokina

A warm welcome was had for the new Profoto D2 and Pro-10 flash announced at Photokina.  Able to freeze action at 1/63,000 of a second allows it to live up to it's legacy. The Pro-10 can reach 1/80,000 of a second.  The D2 can keep it's speedy flash duration up at any of the energy ranges the monolight offers.


The D2 is also equipped with TTL technology, making it a speedier light in every way.  Great for optimizing workflow to allow more space for creativity. It can be used with more than 120 light shaping tools offered by Profoto.  Preorder it here.

The Pro-10 provides 2400Ws of power, making it both ridiculously fast and ridiculously powerful.  Also complete with an impressive recycling time.

Learn more here

You can purchase the new Profoto D2 online or in store at Foto Care here