What's in Ira Block's Camera Bag for His Trip to Mongolia?

Internationally renowned photojournalist Ira Block has produced over 30 stories for National Geographic and has lead workshops all over the world.  He’s heading to Mongolia for the 5th time, conducting a workshop in Western Mongolia to photograph the eagle hunters.  He let us take a look in his camera bag before his departure and told us all about his plans for the trip.  Join us at Foto Care on Thursday, October 6th for a talk from Ira Block after his return from Mongolia, going into detail about his experience, equipment, and process. Sign up here. 

What keeps drawing Ira back to Mongolia?  “It’s very authentic, 30% of the people are still nomadic, and the culture is terrific to photographic because of the fact that so many people are still nomadic and the traditions they continue.  Also, it’s a beautiful place, great landscapes, great people… it all adds up”, He says.  Although this is his 5th time visiting the country, he’s never been to the Western part of it, so it’ll be new territory for him to explore, particularly the people who capture and train eagles to hunt.

Ira’s camera bag is all ready for the trip, and packed full of equipment that is easy to carry, fits the location and climate, and will produce stunning, high quality images.  He has four Sony Alpha camera bodies, an A7s, an A7ii, an A7rii, and an A6300.  This is his first trip taking the G Master Lenses, he’ll be bringing the 24-70mm f/2.8 and the 70-200mm f/2.8.  He’s also bringing along a small strobe and a transmitter, an LED light, a mini tripod, some flashlights, knives and leatherman tools, tons of extra batteries, and memory cards. 

Ira will be visiting Foto Care when he returns to tell us about his trip, show us the photographs, and explain his process.  Sign up for the event today - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/exploring-mongolia-through-ira-blocks-lens-tickets-27196131361