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Look what's new for Fujifilm Cameras:

Today with the release of Capture One v11.3 Phase One has made a quite a few Fujifilm camera users happy by adding tethered support for quite a few of their X Series cameras as well as adding file and tethered support for the GFX. There are now two other versions of the software available to support the Fujifilm camera systems besides the full suite of Pro: Capture One Express Fujifilm and Capture One Pro Fujifilm. These add a few tiered options to fit each users budget.

How It Works…

Capture One Express Fujifilm is a complimentary version of Capture One that allows Fujifilm camera users the ability to import their Fujifilm raw files and edit their images using the most essential tools Capture One has to offer. It only supports Catalog workflow and does not offer tethering but you can still use most of the tools to edit your exposure, color, add built in styles to creatively manipulate images and export those files. This version of the software does not support any other camera manufacturer file types.

Capture One Pro Fujifilm is the next step up for Fujifilm camera users that give you the same image editing features as the full Capture One Pro, just scaled to only with the Fuji raw file. This includes catalog and sessions workflow, tethered shooting, layers, advanced color but is only for the Fujifilm raw file. It is worth noting that only certain cameras are supported for tethered shooting so please make sure to check the list below to see if our Fujifilm camera is supported. Capture One Pro Fujifilm is not free, but a license can be purchased for $159 for a year, which works on two computers. You can also do a subscription on a three-month plan for $23 per month or on a yearly plan at $16 per month, both of which include activation on two computers.

For those who already have a Capture One Pro license, fear not, your Fuji cameras will also work here, both via import as well as tethering (if your camera type is supported). If you’re new to Capture One, own a Fuji and a camera from another manufacturer then the full version of Capture One Pro is for you as it will support any of the cameras in Capture One’s list of supported camera types and the modes (import only or import + tethered depending). A full license costs $299 to purchase and will work on three computers, whereas the subscription model costs $180 annually prepaid, $20 a month on the yearly plan paid monthly or $30 on the three-month plan paid monthly. We have full pro licenses in house at all times and if you need site licensing for multiple users we can also set that up for you.

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