Rentals Undiscovered Equipment MVPs of 2017

2017 was an exciting year full of new releases and products that changed the photography industry for the better.  When thinking about the past year now behind us, I decided that instead of talking about the most popular rentals, I’d talk about some new gear that’s surprisingly under the radar. The first that comes to mind is the Fujifilm GFX 50MP medium format mirrorless system. The camera has excellent image quality, good overall functionality, and the lenses are extremely sharp. Fuji has also expanded the lens line to 6, ranging from 23mm to 120mm, including a zoom.  With this system’s incredible capabilities, it fits the bill as the most affordable medium format system on the market. The rental price is under $250 a day for a camera with a standard lens. 

Shot by Claire Rosen on the GFX

The next standout is the Profoto B2 OCF 250 Air Two Head Kit. This unit at first glance seems like it would be low in power, but with the addition of the TTL Air remotes, you can use high speed sync and compete with open sun in most cases. In addition, it works with most of the Profoto light shaping tools giving you a very complete system. The B2 also works in conjunction with the extremely popular B1x Monolight as well as the workhorse Pro 10 studio pack. With the new delivery of the TTL remote for Fujifilm, it’s a great add on for the Fujifilm GFX 50S System as well. 

Shot by Chris Gampat from the Phoblographer

The last under the radar item is the Phase One 100MP IQ3 Achromatic Digital Back. This digital back shoots only in Black and White and delivers unprecedented tonal range and a file size of 578 Mb at 16 bit, excellent for making stunning prints at any scale. The fact that the sensor only captures in black and white gets you sharper more accurate results. We support the full collection of Blue Line Schneider lenses, including the two zooms, making Foto Care one of the only places you can rent the full system.

We hope this inspired you to try something new in 2018.  Using new gear can often provide a new perspective, which could add something new to your work.  When you step out of your comfort zone, you’re guaranteed to learn something new!

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