Photo Plus Expo 2017

Photo Plus Expo 2017

This was an exciting year at PPE, full of new product releases, collaborations, and advances in technology.  I spent two days browsing the many vendor booths, learning from product specialists, and trying out new gear.  Check out our YouTube channel, we’ll be uploading tons of exclusive interviews from PPE.  In the meantime, here’s a rundown of what I experienced at Photo Plus this year. 

There were tons of amazing workshops and speakers on every topic imaginable, from nature photography to boudoir portraiture.  All the speakers at every booth were experienced and inspirational.  Below is Erik Valind, Broncolor and Tamron ambassador, and Kara Mercer, Fujifilm X-Photographer speaking at their booths.  

Olympus held a Wildlife / Bird photography workshop at their booth that included a live owl. 

There were many new products and collaborations to check out.  I got some hands on time with the amazing Sony A7r III, which blew me away with it's 42.4 megapixel sensor and unbeatable face detection for quick focusing.  Here is a video reviewing the new Sony A7r III and comparing it to other Sony Cameras.  I also get to play with the Nikon D850, a true DSLR beast.  

Hasselblad was showing of some interesting collaborations and exciting updates.  The firmware upgrade introduces some new features to the Hasselblad X1D, including customizable buttons and the ability to control the autofocus points through the touch screen for faster and more precise focusing.  Learn more in this video. 

Eizo introduced a new, more affordable monitor that includes the same top-notch color calibration at a lower price.  They also showed off their CG318-4K Monitor for still and video post production.  Check out this video with our on staff Tech Support, Anthony Festa, and Kevin Rosin from Eizo.  

Canon also displayed all their new tilt shift lenses, a 135mm, a 90mm, and a 50mm.  We go over some of the specific details of why these lenses are special in this video.  

Zeiss Lenses had artist Joseph Ari Aloi creating beautiful color pastel artwork to show off the sharpness and color accuracy of their lenses.  We also got an insider look at the new Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Lens and other of their new cinema and still lenses.  Check out the interview in this video.

Overall, attending Photo Plus 2017 was an inspiring and educational experience.  I enjoyed getting hands-on time with new products and learning about up and coming technology in the imaging world.