Black and White in Unparalleled Detail: The Phase One Achromatic Back

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot with the most light-sensitive, 101-megapixel digital system on earth?  I gave it a shot to see what all the fuss was about, and I was not disappointed.  The IQ3 Achromatic creates images dense with painstaking detail, even more than the naked eye can see. 

You might ask yourself why someone would choose a camera that only shoots in black and white.  The Achromatic was built from scratch with its own unique CMOS sensor made without the Bayer color filter that is on every other color detecting camera sensor.  Without the filter, the sensor can pick up more unobstructed detail than ever.   Ryan from Rentals and I went out to our backyard to test drive this powerful camera.  Luckily, our backyard includes an iconic, wonderfully detailed, New York City landmark: the Flatiron Building.

I mentioned before that the camera can capture more than the human eye can see.   That allows endless creative possibilities for infrared applications.  Infrared light exists outside the visible spectrum, opening a literal unseen world for you to photograph. 

For anyone who’s ever wanted to push the limits of detail, tone, and contrast in their black and white images, I highly recommend the Phase One IQ3 Achromatic Back.

The Rental Rate for the Achromatic Back is $950 a day, which includes a set of IR UV CUT Filters for Phase One Lenses.   You can reach rentals by calling 212-741-2991.  

Feel free to make an appointment anytime to demo this amazing medium format system on our rooftop. Contact us for demo and sales inquiries at 212-741-2990 or visit us at