ALPA Showcases a Variety of New Products at it's 70th Anniversary Year at Photokina

The Alpa Silex is considered the new Swiss knife in the world of Medium Format Photography.  This control module is compact and functional, enabling every existing conventional ALPA 12 camera greater control and operates all lenses that have eShutter 250 or 125.  

The Alpa eShutter Control has the fastest shutter speed of 1/250s for better use outside the studio.  The hand-grip shape attaches to the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA SILEX.  It integrates completely in the unique and proven user interface.  This integration allows the use of T to 1/250s with the built in leaf shutter. 

The Alpa Serpent is a completely modularized approach to an individually configurable bellows system which is in many aspects already a camera.  The kit consists of a base rail unit and goniometers as well as various configurations of the standarts.  

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