A Photographer's Guide to Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful and diverse nation, perfect for any photographer.  Full of color, with wonderful people, vintage cars, and green verdant landscapes, there are many opportunities for a photographer to create amazing images. Amateur photographer Christie Allen took a trip to Cuba, and has some tips for anyone planning to do the same. 

Christie used two camera bodies and a lenses that range from 24-200.  She brought along a Nikon D810 and a Nikon D500, a 24-70mm lens and a 70-200mm lens for covering a large range.  Extra batteries are necessary and make sure they're all charged up at night because finding a place to charge them during the day will be difficult.  Bring extra memory cards, as CF, SD, and XQD cards are not easily available in Cuba.   

Christie always travels with her tripod and never regrets it. The Gitzo Mountanier and new Gitzo ballhead fit right into her suitcase, but she wanted a more compact, easier to carry option so she went with the Induro Stealth Carbon Fiber GTT204 tripod.  Bringing a flash depends on whether or not the photographer wants to shoot in low light.  Cuba offers many low light opportunities, so bring a flash if that's what you're looking to shoot.  

Camera BagThe weight limit on bags to carry on and checked can be anywhere from 44-50lbs. Anything over is an additional charge. The Tenba Shootout Back pack is great, especially when on the road and changing locations.  For a rolling bag – Think Tank Airport Series Navigator or Airstream can generally fit in an overhead compartment, but it’s unlikely that any traveler will be rolling a camera case through the streets of Havana.

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