Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"How To Master Digital Assest Management using the Library Module in Lightroom 5"

Back by popular demand,  Adele Epstein hosted her "How To Master Lightroom 5" workshop here at Foto Care. I sat down throughout the beginner course and was amazed by how knowledgable Adele was with the ins and outs of the program. She is in fact a wonderful instructor an expert of this software!

The lucky 11 that attended this course got a hands on demo of how to properly manage digital assets in Lightroom 5. From importing, saving and properly organizing large photo galleries.

 Adele was nice enough to print off a 90 page informational presentation that each attendee got to take home with them if they needed guidance after the workshop. she even let me keep one, too!

 We have plenty of workshops and galleries this Fall and would love to see you at our next one. here is a link to our current event:

- Johnny Self