Friday, September 19, 2014

Burger, Fries & The Brooklyn Bridge On The Side.

The Brooklyn Bridge.  A place where walkers, bikers and tourist tend to flood, as it is a New York landmark.  It's the one you see on movies. The one that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. It's "that" bridge. I grabbed a Canon DSLR and a 24-105 mm lens from Fotocare Rentals and headed to the BK.

 Seeing that my body was running on a travel size cup of coffee from this morning, I needed to fuel up before my walk. I saw two words that put the biggest smile on my face when I got into Brooklyn: Shake Shack.

I'm not even a real New Yorker yet, and I even know how imperative it is to try Shake Shack. They are pretty much in any popular neighborhood, usually with a line that wraps the building. I ate at the 409 Fulton St location. After devouring my meal, I headed to the bridge.

The picture above basically explains the panorama views on this bridge. Breathtaking. 

I'm really into symmetry and balance, so I took a seat and appreciated how
 beautifully this bridge was built.

People apparently have adopted the "lock" trend from over seas. The oldest date I 
saw on a lock was 1983. 

People write on the beams, too. Almost all of them had their city of origin on the signature. People from Florida, Washington, China, France, etc all sign this thing. But, this message made me laugh. It summed it all up in 2 phrases. 

Now entering Manhattan, I ended my journey in a park. The leaves are starting to finally change, guess it's about the be fall, y'all.