Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Behind The Scenes of Canon's High Speed Sync Class.

When the word flash is brought up, some people (me included) tend to have a little anxiety about the subject. I personally think flash is a foreign language, but I understand and see how extremely helpful it is.  Flash is like a sport. Practicing is the only way of getting better. Eric Stoner, from Canon, stopped by and coached us on how to properly light a subject with high speed sync.

We booked a wonderful model named Bobbie, grabbed some flashes and headed to Madison Square Park to have a little fun. 

Canon gave each shooter a chance to hold the camera, take some shots and got REAL feedback on how to solve the problems of lighting in a REAL life situation. 

What felt like 10 minutes was actually 2 hours. Everyone was learning and shooting, together.

Overall, it was a beautiful and very educational day. I think we all left with something we didn't know before we showed up.