Friday, August 15, 2014

#FotoFriday at Foto Care

From now on, every Friday I will be borrowing a camera from our rental department, grabbing a 70-200 mm lens and exploring our neighborhood for moments to capture. Here at Foto Care we decided to call it #FotoFriday. People, candids and laughter are my specialty, but I'm trying to explore into architecture and environmental shots as well.

Oh yeah, and I'll be dispersing specific photographs on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
Today I explored from 22nd st - 31 st.  I found your usual NY elements: fire escapes, buildings, statues, etc. But, at the end of my exploration I found these kids jump roping in the street. This really gave me a nostalgic memory of what I always thought New York would look like.

Here are the moments from today.

- Johnny Self