Friday, July 11, 2014

14 Majors Things To Have At Your Photo Shoot

Let's Do A Photo Shoot

14 things you should have...

  • Background paper - lets place the subject somewhere nice and colorful to capture the viewers attention.
  • Background support system - we don't want our set up falling apart. Do we?
  • Tape - tape down cords and wires so no accidents happen on set!
  • Cine foil - for lighting control.
  • Dust off products - keeping equipment dust free.
  • Portable reflectors - to block or reflect light where needed.
  • Sandbags - securing the lights and stands from falling.
  • Apple boxes - to raise/ to sit/ to build set.
  • Gels - can defuse like or add color.
  • Clamps - hold wires and cables in place.
  • Extra tripod quick release plates - just in case you forget.
  • Extra memory cards - you might need it!
  • Back-up batteries and chargers - we don't want our camera's dying!
  • Any cable you may need - power, extension, and charger.
We love our crew so lets bring a fan to keep them cool and music to keep them happy.