Monday, April 21, 2014

G is for Gear

Today in the ABCs of photography: 

G is for Gear

Gear (geer): equipment and supplies for a particular operation, sport, etc: photography gear

Today we'd like to chat a bit about gear. Now, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to buying and renting gear.


  • It's always there when you need it! This one is obvious: if you own it, it's always there for you. Did an event pop-up? Last minute shoot? No problem! Your stuff is ready to go. Now, of course this means you're responsible for it.
  • We keep our rental gear in great shape, but when you own your own stuff you don't have to worry about where the camera (for example) has been and what's been done to it.
  • Upgrading your equipment can get REALLY pricey, especially if you're always on the lookout for the newest and the greatest. 
  • Break it? Looks like you'll have to send it in for repair, and that can get expensive. Many times, you can't get it back quickly enough. And that's where renting comes in...

  • Speaking of the newest and greatest equipment on the market, we've probably got it. Being able to use something like the Profoto B1 without having to buy it is cost effective and easy. And, if you decide you really love it, then you can make the purchase.
  • When you rent equipment, you get to experience a bit of a test drive. If you're in the market for a new camera, you can rent different systems until you find the right one for you. Then, go back through the list to see you should buy it or continue to rent.
  • Chances are, if you're reading this, then you live in New York City. And, as we all know, there isn't a whole lot of extra space to store equipment. Whether it's your apartment or your studio, you may not have a lot of room for C-stands, backdrops, flags, rigs, etc. so being able to have that stuff dropped off and picked up via messenger is an easy way to use what you need and not worry about it after the shoot.
  • Our cameras are CLEAN, like really clean. Every camera that comes in get a sensor cleaning.
  • Renting gear means not always getting what you want. On a busy day, or week, that 5D Mark III you want might not be available.
  • Rather than being financially responsible for your own stuff, you're financially responsible for someone else's stuff. You break it, you pay for it. 
  • What happens when you can't get to the rental house in time? Some places will charge you BIG TIME if you're late, or if you cancel on them without advanced notice. Now you're looking at your original cost, plus fees. That's true of most places, but at Foto Care we do everything we can to avoid charging penalties and fees with our customers.
So, weigh your options when it comes to investing in equipment for your business. And feel free to contact our sales department and/or rental department for more information!