Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feedly: Why This is the Reader You Should be Using

A few months ago, Google’s Reader was shut down and many bloggers were forced to find another site to read their blogs. Reader was a Google app that allowed people who read lots of blogs to put them all in one simple feed, like you Facebook newsfeed. Foto Care ended up switching to Feedly, and we love it!

Signing up for Feedly is insanely easy. Just visit Feedly and log in with your Google account information, and BAM! All of your blogs are imported for you!

The interface for Feedly looks great. You can choose different color schemes by visiting “themes”, set your default fonts in “preferences”, and organize your content by clicking on “organize” (at the top left of the page) and separate the blogs you follow into categories. (For our Feedly account, we have blogs categorized as photography, fashion, food, and miscellaneous, allowing us to either view them all at once, or one category at a time.) Play around in all of the settings and preferences to get the look at feel you want.

One great feature we’ve taken advantage of is the “you might also like” list on the right side of the page. Feedly will look at the blogs you already follow, and suggest other blogs that you might like. Beneath each blog post are options to share that post, from Facebook to Twitter to email. In your preferences, you can turn off any or all of these share buttons. You can also set Feedly to integrate Pinterest in your preferences, so that you can pin any photo in your feed by hovering over the image. We use the Pinterest feature A LOT.

And that’s just the free version!

So, we definitely recommend trying out Feedly, and let us know what you think!