Wednesday, February 19, 2014

REVIEW: Our look at the new Mac Pro

As some of you may have heard recently, we now have the Mac Pro! All jokes aside, this machine is amazing. We won't throw a bunch of technical speak at you; this review is about the user experience. Jon in the digital department has been able to work with the Mac Pro a bit and has some words to share with you all:
"The New Mac Pro looks and feels the same old Mac on the screen, but when you set it up, that’s when you really see the difference. It can neatly sit on the desk and actually look slick. It is so quiet; it doesn’t even interfere with the music or TV in the background while working.

It kind of looks like Robo Cop with all those wires sticking out of its side, but, yes, I have two displays, a Thunderbolt RAID, a back up RAID, a time machine backup drive, a printer, card reader and a few other things I probably don’t need. It filled up fast, but I still have some connections left.

Working with it is really nice. It 
is much faster in some cases, and slightly faster in all cases. I was hoping for more speed like most of the bloggers out there, but then noticed that it didn’t matter: the internal SSD and the thunderbolt RAID make it feel faster, or you’re not waiting nearly as long for apps to run or images to open. After that, I can’t work as fast as the machine for most of what I do, so it all seems instantaneous. Though, every now and then I have to wait too long for a large selection in Photoshop (that I am probably trying to do something stupid to), and I just “command z” the whole thing.

It’s faster. It’s smaller. It’s sleeker.

And, it just so happens, after four or five years I was do for a new one anyway.

And, by the way, being a quarter of the size, it’s small enough so that the cat cannot sit on it. Just and FYI." But, probably not...

If you have questions about the Mac Pro, or if you'd like to purchase one, give us a call! We'd be happy to set you up with one of these great systems.