Monday, November 25, 2013

Jodi Jones: Kenneth Cole Vines C100 and IPhone

This is a guest blog post from fashion photographer Jodi Jones
AKQA and Kenneth Cole teamed up to create “View Points” a revolutionary campaign to introduce Kenneth Cole’s spring 2014 collection to the world. View Points was a collaboration to live stream Kenneth Cole’s spring 2014 fashion show via a variety of lenses and unexpected angles and unique perspectives creating an never before seen glimpse into the fashion industry.
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I was brought on by AKQA to be one of these voices and to lend my perspective to this collaboration. During this 2 day event I was given complete access to the showroom, fashion show, and presentation. In addition I was able to use whatever gear I wanted to capture my perspective.
The first day was spent in the showroom photographing my perspective with the Canon C100 and cinema lenses. I focused on capturing macro footage of clothing details, model fittings, and stop motion footage of each look. I also had the opportunity to interview Kenneth Cole himself and creative director Chris Yoham. The footage we gathered was then to be edited then shown on giant plasma screens behind the models during the presentation the following day, and to be displayed in all their stores.
After capturing the footage we cut it up into 7 second segments and compiled it together. We then hacked the Vine application so we could upload our footage. This process took 3 different programs and most of the night, but by morning we had created 60 vine videos ready for the show.
kenneth cole spring 2014 jodi jones

Day two was spent at the show and presentation. We documented the entire show via vine videos shot on iPhones then streamed live. We used the special olloclip lenses created for the iPhone that allowed us to shoot macro, wide angle, and fisheye. During the runway show we had 3 iPhones shooting with 2 assistants helping, one on either side of me. We had one iPhone stationed on a tripod doing stop motion videos. The other 2 iPhones were used to create 7 second vine videos, I would shoot 7 seconds then hand the phone to an assistant who would give me another phone then upload the footage that I had just taken. All of these videos were then uploaded to Vine and curated by a room full of Kenneth Cole’s creative directors and added to their website. In total we shot 120 vine videos throughout the day.

This really was such a fun and interesting assignment. I have been shooting runway shows for the past 11 years and each time have lugged around tons of equipment, monopods, long lenses, bunches of cases. But for this assignment it was so much fun to sit in the pit with an iPhone and a lens the size of a cigarette lighter. I could literally fit all my equipment into one pocket. In contrast it was also a treat to shoot with the canon C100. The footage you can produce is far superior to any DSLR and when coupled with the Cinema lenses it’s simply phenomenal, and allows you create something that is just gorgeous. Those cinema lenses are some serious glass. I initially chose the C100 for this project because we needed gorgeous high res video to be shown on plasma screens behind the models during the presentation. However after a short time behind the C100 I was so impressed by the versatility and quality of the footage as well as how easy it was to use. It really was the perfect tool for the job.

A big thanks to Fred at FotoCare in NYC.  This is THE place to rent or buy photography or video gear in NY.  I always  know I can always depend on them to have the best gear available for all my shoots.  The FotoCare guys are really knowledgeable and friendly… you guys rock!!!
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