Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Foto Care Cine Experience

Huge thank you to everyone that came to our first ever Cine Experience! With everyone's support, this event was truly a great success! We had three separate areas set up: a green screen, a turn table and the John Huba demo area. Guests were able to grab some gear to shoot with, chat with reps and meet one another! Also for the first time, we used a tweetwall! There, people were about to tweet questions, pictures, anything really at us, as well as tweeting tips and questions to followers, which was a great way for us to connect with customers from all over! And, there was some amazing food and wine, which made the evening even more enjoyable. 

Check out some pictures from our event below!

Setting up the green screen before the event started

Oh hey there Amy and Colin from Hasselblad Bron, Inc.!

John Huba's Hybrid Imaging demos were such a success, this was the closest could get to snap a picture of the action! Smile!

Foto Care rental's manager Fred with Michael Valinsky from ProductionHUB, a cosponsor for the event

There was some great food at this event! Just look at all that grub!

To stray away from this being a "trade show" we asked that the reps, rather than stand behind a table or booth, walk around and mingle with the guests for a much more involved and personal kind of learning experience. Here, a customer looks at literature from all of the companies involved, that was set aside on it's own table.

There was a turntable set up in the back of the store so that guests could play around with the rigs, cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting etc. with an actual subject

Schneider and Canon hanging out together!
 At the event, we had a fishbowl in which guests could submit their names to win some great prizes. Today, we contacted the winners! So,


to Martin, Malcolm, John, Erika, Henry, Phil and Tom!

We hope everyone had a great time list night and thank you to those that attended!