Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reblog From broncolor with Swiss Artist Seven

Reblog from broncolor. See original post here.

October 2013 sees the release of Seven’s new album “The Art is Piano”.  For the cover shot, the famous Swiss Artist once again had the opportunity to work with Swiss photographer, Tim Lüdin.

Click on the image to see the humorous video with SEVEN

Seven had the creative vision to bring a real Piano into an unusual location, and ended up realizing it in the “Grimsel Pass” on the Swiss Alps at over 2100m above sea level. Photographer Tim wasn’t phased by the wild idea, “In such extreme locations I must be able to totally rely on my equipment, and let me say right away, I was completely satisfied with it.

It took me a couple of minutes to unfold the Para 222, the giant light shaper from broncolor – it is just brilliant. Easy to mount and compact to travel with. During the shooting we were facing many different weather conditions and the only thing that was causing trouble was the wind. However, although the Para has a large surface area, some sand bags meant it did not move from its spot.

The focusing device on the Para helped me to find the right contrast within seconds. The Para light really is unique. I do not know any other light shaper that provides so many possibilities to create my own vision of light.

Making Ofs

End Results

During the week we changed location three times. With the Move 1200L battery power pack and the new Octabox, the assistants could walk around easily and react quickly to change position. For the selected cover shot, the record label chose one of the images shot under the worst weather conditions, which is testament to the broncolor equipment for making the image possible.

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