Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our First Photowalk Pt. 2

 We've got some more photos of the photowalk!

Brian of Foto Care introducing himself and giving the group a rundown of the day
We took a group photo before heading over to Madison Square Park. Can you find the Canon and Foto Care guys in there? 
Gotta make sure things are working before heading out!
Photo of a guest taking a photo of a guest taking a photo of the Flat Iron Building
Fun fact about the event: Canon brought a few 70D cameras for the event so that the guests could test them out! Kane from Foto Care shot this photo with the 70D and will post a review about the camera soon.

Look how nice the stage looked! Jamie from Canon set up a printing station so that we could print everyone's best photo of the day. There were really some amazing images from the photowalk! And, all of the images looked stunning printed.
Look at that print!


Jamie of Canon hard at work printing pictures