Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fujifilm at PhotoPlus Expo 2013

Guests were able to test the new XQ1, X-E2 and Instax Mini 90 and talk with Fujifilm representatives about the new improvements and technology in each system.

I had the opportunity to get my hands on Fujifilm's new releases yesterday during the Fujifilm press conference. With the experts around to talk to and ask questions, learning about the XQ1, X-E2 and Instax MIni 90 cameras was easy and fun. 

Fujifilm XQ1

I've never been one to get really excited about a point-and-shoot camera, but the XQ1 had so much to offer, it was hard not to get excited. The XQ1 is incredibly small and light, but it feels solid, and design was not sacrificed with this camera; it's simple, but stylish and just looks cool. The XQ1 is a total package for a P&S. With a 12 MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor, pop-up flash, artsy filters and film simulation modes, 4x Intelligent Digital Zoom, Full HD Movie and 100 – 12800 ISO this camera can capture just about anything. 

Fujifilm X-E2

This prosumer system has a few changes, including improved autofocusing and exposure preview. With Fujifilm's classic aesthetics intact, this camera is solid and looks, for lack of a better term, awesome. The retro style is so prominent as of recently, and this camera just reminds me of the old films cameras I learned on, especially on the top of there camera where you'll see the pop-up flash and hot shoe for off-camera flash, exposure control, exposure compensation dial, shutter release and custom function button. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

This camera was obviously designed with the retro hype in mind; Fujifilm knows this market! There is a push for classic technology, and their new marketing campaign really recognizes that. With the tag lines "There's only one" and "Share an original", they want their customers to know what it feels like to create one single image, an image that cannot be reproduced, and share it with someone. Like the print, there is only one you. You are unique. You are one-of-a-kind. And, so are these prints. That is the message behind the Instax line. I like that. I used to shoot with my Polaroid camera all the time and kept photos of my friends, family and adventures in box so that I had them, in physical form, to look at when I wanted. Taking this concept and really running with it has made Fujifilm's film department special. 

So, what's different?

1. Look how cool it is! I mean, it's like an instant version of the X-E2, it's that cool. 
2. SO many new controls for taking the perfect picture. Seeing as there is only one, you have to get it right the first time. That's why modes like double exposure mode, bulb mode, macro mode, kids mode and party mode were added. Being able to control your shot makes this camera easier to handle. 
3. Realistic images. You get both vivid and natural tones, a sharp image and balanced light.

This camera is fun, and I think in creating a market for people, fun should be a concern.

This camera is fun, and I think in creating a market for people, fun should be a concern. And, speaking of fun, during the press conference, Fujifilm reps walked around taking instant photos of everyone there and towards the end, handed everyone a frame with their image in it that said "an original". That was pretty cool. Again, you were able to hold this one-of-a-kind thing to bring home.

We will be interviewing Fujfilm as well as a few other companies at PhotoPlus Expo this year about their new products! Stay tuned to our Youtube channel to learn more and see what's happening in the photography industry! 

- Kane from Foto Care