Monday, October 14, 2013

Arlene Collins' North Korea Artist Talk

Arlene Collins' North Korea talk on Thursday night was a great success! It was truly amazing to hear all of her stories about the secretive country. Arlene presented more than 150 images from her to Pyongyang, North Korea and every single images had a story.

When Arlene showed her images of the subway system in North Korea, she spoke of how the subway system is almost primarily for the privileged; most citizens either walk or bike everywhere. She showed images of Kim Il-Sung Square's streets that were marked so that when military parades marched the streets, citizens knew where they were allowed to stand. She had pictures of the Grand People's Study House where people used "the Internet" or at least what their version of the Internet is. Arlene was able to see all variations of life in the capitol, from "historical" spots where people dressed in traditional garments to touristy areas where people were always working or heading to work. 

Even though Arlene was able to visit North Korea, it is astounding to learn about what she was not allowed to see, let alone photograph. From parts of the city to parts of her hotel, tour guides to children, she was extremely limited in what she could shoot, which is why North Korea is still such a mystery. 

Huge thank you to Arlene Collins for sharing this fascinating series with us, and thank you to those that attended her event!

And, Arlene will be back on November 7th to teach a lighting workshop. Through all of the traveling she was done, Arlene has had to master shooting with a flash on the fly. You don't always have time to compose the perfect shot with the perfect light, so it is important to get it right the first time. So, join us for her event and learn how to master your flash!