Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exposed in Boston by Sheppard Ferguson

We would expect photographers to be obvious protagonists for thrillers and mystery novels. But they are as rare as hens’ teeth. Here’s one: 

Exposed in Boston by Sheppard Ferguson

Susan Kessel’s passionate affair with photography landed her a great Boston newspaper job, but her battle to succeed in a 1980s “man’s profession” cost her four years of all work and no play. On a Saturday night date, setting out to rectify her lack of social life, she takes a single photo and finds herself running for her life into a Boston that she had never known or imagined. 

Fear and violence expose Susan to the changed woman she has become: no longer the pretty Wisconsin coed but a reckless, quick-witted, gutsy, imaginative photographer. These are essential skills for living in a danger zone; getting out of it is her problem. Not even the newspaper, as it works to unravel the forces she’d unleashed, can keep her safe.

We're hoping to carry the book in our online store soon! Trade paperback, $8.95; Kindle, $4.95.

Sheppard Ferguson is a photographer and novelist currently living in Boston. From 1998 to 2010 he worked as a freelance commercial photographer completing a range of assignments, including documenting stonecutters and quarries in France, historic architecture in Vietnam, educational book projects, political conventions, and performance in Washington, D.C.

Ferguson studied with Aaron Siskind, Ralph Hattersley and Inge Bondi. He founded The Photographic Eye, an early photography gallery and bookseller, and Ars Libri, Ltd., the rare art book company in Boston. Before returning to photography fulltime, he was President of Schoenhof’s Foreign Books in Cambridge, MA. To see Ferguson’s work, visit his website at: