Thursday, September 19, 2013

Andre Washington's "Africa Travelogue: Conversations"

On Tuesday, September 17th, Andre Washington came to Foto Care to show his recent body of work for his project "Africa Travelogue". Having traveled to Africa on a number of occasions, Andre has been able to shoot all kinds of people from all over the continent. His work was both varied in subject matter and stunning in general! 

With his new website, which will include this work, launching soon, this talk was a great introduction to a great project! 

Andre Washington

One really fun addition to the talk was a homemade beverage that Andre made from a recipe he got on his trip! It was super tasty!

Andre Washington chats with a few people that attended the event, including Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio that also had a photo talk here about their trips to Gambia! 

Guests signed-in at the beginning of the event so that Andre could keep them up-to-date on his project as it continues. 
Small panorama of the turn-out!
We wish Andre the very best in his future travels!