Monday, September 9, 2013

20 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Everyone is always saying that social media is the best way to not only market yourself, but learn about other artists' works; they're right! As photographers, it's important to reach out to potential clients and fans in the online world, whether that be through a personal website, blog, or in this case Instagram. The hugely popular photography app has millions and millions of active users sharing their photographs with the world every single day and we'd like to share our favorite Instagrammers!

1. @aguynamedpatrick (Patrick Janelle)

Patrick Janelle is a New York City photographer with a lot to share! His photos feature lots of fun places, great looking food, and friends. Janelle's account offers something new and beautiful every single day!

2. @alice_gao (Alice Gao)

Also a NYC photographer, Alice Gao's work is simply stunning! With a delicate color palette and dainty subject matter, her account is a breath of fresh air!

3. @andrewknapp (Andrew Knapp and his dog Momo)

This account is really a 2-for-1! Not only are Andrew Knapp's photos beautiful, but most of them have an Easter egg, that Easter egg being his adorable dog Momo! Knapp will hide Momo in a photo and use the hashtag #findmomo for an ever better "Where's Waldo?"; when you've found Momo, you of course comment on the photo with #foundmomo. 

4. @dankhole (Dan Cole)

Dan Cole's Instagram account is both moody and eerie. From urban landscapes to true landscapes, this account is worth a follow.

5. @daveyoder (Dave Yoder)

National Geographic photographer Dave Yoder's photos are truly what you'd expect from a NatGeo photographer. Traveling all over the world has allowed Yoder to show his followers places that they may never see and that's something special.

6. @dguttenfelder (David Guttenfelder)

Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder recently traveled to North Korea, which has become a huge reason why many of us are following his account. With an account truly like no other in the world, Guttenfelder's photos are beautiful and allow us to observe life in such a secret country. 

7. @drewswantak Drew Swantak

Although he's young, barely out of college, Swantak's photos are supreme; filled with gorgeous photos of gorgeous people in gorgeous places, and the occasional selfie.

8. @greggboydston (Gregg Boydston)

Though not a photographer by trade, Gregg Boydston's photos are really something! This Californian wildland firefighter shoots the fires he fights and the brave firefighters by his side!

9. @hirozzzz (Hiroaki Fukuda)

Fukuda's photos are very minimal, isolated and secluded, but that is absolutely the charm in them! Many of the images show sprawling landscapes with a single soul standing there. 

10. @irablockphoto (Ira Block)

Another National Geographic photographer is on the list! Block is constantly traveling and in his travels he shares all the different people, places and animals he sees with us, and it's all amazing!

11. @kevinruss (Kevin Russ)

Kevin Russ knows landscape. That is impossible to deny! Russ travels all over the country and photographs the places he visits, but that's just putting in lightly. He landscapes are some of the best we've ever seen, and that's with an iPhone! If you're going to follow any Instagrammer, this is a solid choice.

12. @kitkat_ch (Martina Bisaz)

What's better than traveling around Europe in the cutest car in the world? Bisaz has been exploring Europe in her tiny Fiat making some really amazing images.

13. @kristinrogers (Kritin Rogers)

Kristin Rogers' photos really allow you into her home with her family. Most of her work features her adorable children, husband and their pets. It doesn't get much cuter than that. 

14. @nicole_franzen Nicole Franzen

Based in Brooklyn, Nicold Franzen is a professional photographer with an amazing Instagram account! Much of her work has food and flowers, and all of it is charming.

15. @nikoleherriott (Nikole Herriott)

Much like Nicole Franzen, Nikole Herriott's work has a lot of food, but a lot of her work has her other work, woodwork that is. Nikole and her father create some of the finest hand carved kitchen ware with which Nikole photographs her food. Perfect! 

16. @othellonin (Scott Rankin)

Another skilled landscape photographer! But, his account is not just landscapes; Rankin takes amazing pictures everywhere he goes!

17. @samhorine (Sam Horine)

Sam Horine is a New York City photographer with an amazing eye for color, each image is practically dripping in it! If you want to see the sights of the city, follow this guy.

18. @swopes (Elise Swopes)

Another great Instagrammer that knows color! With deep blues and rich reds, Swopes captures the environment around her and every color in it!

19. @twheat (Tyson Wheatly)

Living on the west coast in San Francisco, Wheatly has so much to share! His photos are filled with lots of friends, lots of nature and lots of light! The way he has been able to capture light on an iPhone is a true skill.

20. @whitmansnaps (Robert Whitman)

Famed photographer Robert Whitman has started putting his portfolio of images and snapshots on Instagram! Though he doesn't have many followers now, his racy images are sure to draw a crowd of fans in the near future. 

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