Friday, August 16, 2013

New York City Spots to Shoot Before Summer Ends: Part 3

And finally, part 3 of our list of places to shoot in New York City before summer ends.

Get out and do something new

8. Go to a game

Photo by Kane Giblin

New York City is home to so many amazing professional sports teams, take advantage of that! Go to a Yankees or Mets baseball game, check out the Jets or the Giants, see the Brooklyn Nets or the Knicks on the court. Shoot wide to show the whole scene or get up close to the players with a telephoto lens. And, hang out; enjoy yourself and watch the game!

9. Go to the beach

It's the summer! Head down to Coney Island or the Far Rockaways to catch some rays and get away from the city for a little bit. There is plenty to shoot on the beach, from sun-bathers and kids experiencing the ocean for the first time to the scenery itself. 

10. Summer-only events

Photo by Ronald Herard

Check out an event only available in the summer like Shakespeare in the Park and Midsummer Night's Swing and Lincoln Center. With all kinds of people out enjoying these summer festivities, you'll be sure to get some great street photos. And, join in! These events are only around for the summer, so take the time to have fun, too!