Thursday, June 20, 2013

Artist Lecture with Kimia Rahgozar

Last night, Iranian photographer Kimia Rahgozar gave a lecture at Foto Care. Kimia started out the presentation in a unique way: questions first. She took the time to personally talk with each of her guests, introduce herself and answer questions about her work and her culture; it was a great way to start a lecture.

Kimia Rahgozar with Foto Care owner Jeff Hirsch

Quote used in Kimia's short film

Kimia presented a short film that she created. As part of an installation in Iran, Kimia invited guests to have their portrait taken, using a 4x5 camera and instant film. While she shot portraits, a video camera sat nearby to capture moments before, during and after the portrait itself. Using that footage, Kimia's short film showed a diptych of the sitter and herself behind the camera. The duality was an interesting way to not only create work, but show the process in an artistic way.

Following the film, Kimia showed photographs that she has taken as part of her project Photosophy. This project focuses on almost a lack of identity. She explains that an interesting part of taking peoples' portraits is the way people are so aware of the photograph. Why do people want to have their picture taken? Where are those portraits going to go? Who will see them? As a result of these questions, Kimia created the series to obscure portrait, show only tiny details or hide the face entirely rather than a typical studio portrait. You can see examples of this below.

To see more of Kimia's work and learn more about Photosophy, visit her website here.