Monday, April 1, 2013

On-location with Jodi Jones at NYFW with the Canon C100

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but we're still excited about the work we've seen! Our friend Jodi Jones got to work with the Canon C100 at NYFW and we'd like to share her experience with you! 

From Jodi's blog:

Last month we took the Canon C100 and Cine Lenses out to New York Fashion Week to test out this exciting new camera.   (Read our personal review below the video)

Here is a short montage of inside the lobby at the fashion tents, backstage, and on the runway with the Canon C100.

Our Review:  The first thing we noticed was this is a serious camera.  We previously had only shot motion footage with our dslr cameras: canon 5d, canon 7d, and nikon d800.  While we absolutely love these cameras, we definitely felt different shooting with the C100.
When Fred at Fotocare brought out the camera to us for the first time, I was shocked at how striking it is in person.  This was even reflected when we took the camera out on-location.  In the lobby at Fashion Week we were really surprised how many people came up to us asking about it.  These were fashionistas on their way to the Marc Jacobs fashion show and it seemed that the C100 got a lot of attention.

The C100 has a Super 35 CMOS sensor so needless to say the footage looks gorgeous.  You have a tremendous amount of information in post to work with.  Color adjusting was a breeze. We could have used our regular canon lenses, but we were really excited to test this camera with the new Cine (Cinema) Lenses. WOW.  Beautiful glass! We used a CN-E24mm, 50mm, and an 85mm. These lenses are simply remarkable, but quite heavy!
We just loved that this camera had internal ND filters.  They simply are a great feature to have.  I really wish all cameras had this.  They allowed for quick adjustment and no need to carry anything externally in a bag. We went from shooting outdoors in bright sunlight at a Chinese New Year Festival to immediately shooting indoors with limited light at Fashion Week.
The Dual SD card slots were also a benefit. Having dual card slots gives you the option of recording to 2 separate cards at the same time if needed for a client. We didn’t feel the need to record it twice, but it’s a nice option.  One 32GB SD card lasted us all day and you can shoot hours and hours of C100 footage on just one battery.
The audio was of good clear quality.  If you are serious about video then you know you have to be serious about audio. The audio can be recorded from two XLR mic sources or using the internal hotshoe adaptor mic. Either choice is good. We still prefer to use an external shotgun mic and a recorder dedicated to audio only. We used the Zoom H4N to supplement the audio.  This allowed us to have closer audio to the action. Having two audios is safer.
We tried using the HDMI output but had limited opportunity to really use it. We were not allowed to use tripods or sliders in the lobby at the fashion tents, but it’s good to know that this camera is full featured.
The low light high ISO capabilities were very good and could be cranked up quite a bit, but keeping it around iso 850 was ideal.
In our opinion, there really isn’t a 1080p video camera as good as this for the price.  Although it is a step up from the 5d price range, (the Canon c100 is about $6500 at Fotocare) with all it’s features we would say it is competitively priced if you compare it more to the higher end professional video cameras out there.  But where is the SLOWMO ability?!!  This is really our only issue with this camera.  We really had hoped it could shoot 60fps.  This is really tough to deal with for some people but the C300 can alleviate that problem for you – for a price.  Otherwise we think the C100 would be loved more!   This is great for the independent videographer that wants quality 1080p and to step beyond the DSLR.
We love this camera and really feel that it’s a strong contender for cameras under 10k.  It’s super simple to use straight out of the box and most importantly, it really takes a beautiful image.
Special thanks to Fred (he rocks) at Fotocare in New York City!  He’s the best guy in the biz to rent equipment from.
x  Jodi and Adam
Note: All footage in the lobby is handheld as no tripods were allowed in the lobby of the fashion tents.
Adam is a multimedia artist living in New York City creating fashion images, videos and audio soundtracks.  He has worked extensively in various areas of production, including: art directing, concept development, fashion photography, cinematography, video editing, and scoring.

Jodi is a successful creative director and fashion photographer who has spent over 20 seasons down in the trenches shooting the runways for New York City’s Fashion Week, invited by the world’s most recognized designers including Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and Anna Sui to shoot their collections. Her photographs have appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Time and countless others.

To see more of Jodi's work, visit her website as well as her blog.