Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Judging the School of Visual Arts' 5th Year Award

Left to right: Tony Gale, Peter Berberian, Kane Giblin, John Cowey, Katie Humphries, Carol Dragon, Jason Borbay
For the fourth year, Foto Care has sponsored the School of Visual Arts' 5th Year Award along with Gotham Imaging and Brewer-Cantelmo Portfolios. Every year, this award is given to three graduating photography students whose work merits special recognition. The recipients receive professional services in the form of rental equipment, printing and portfolio design. Last year's judges were photographer Ira Block, Aurelie Jezequel of Resource Magazine, photographer Tony Gale, Spencer Jones of Glasshouse Assignment and Brian Madigan of Real Simple Magazine and they chose Brittany Cohen as last year's first place winner. Past winners include Anders Wallace and Jamey Lord.

This year, the panel of seven judges included photographer Tony Gale, Peter Berberian of Gotham Imaging, Kane Giblin of Foto Care, John Cowey of the Gitterman Gallery, photographer Katie Humphries, photographer Carol Dragon and artist Jason Borbay. After looking through over thirty portfolios, the seven judges were able to agree on the three winners that will be announced at a later date. The first place prize will receive $1,000 in free rentals from Foto Care, 2nd place will receive $500 in free rentals and 3rd will receive $250 in free rentals. 

It is truly inspiring to see what SVA students are creating! The submissions ranged from fashion to photojournalism to fine art to documentary. We're looking forward to revealing the winners and we're so excited for them to come into Foto Care for their free rentals!