Friday, March 22, 2013

Julian Bernstein on the Canon C100

The Canon C100 is one of Foto Care's newest additions to the rental department, and we've been pretty excited about it. The C100 has gained a lot of it's popularity in the video world for it versatility and portability and seems to be changing the way photographers deal with video. Our friend, Julian Bernstein, recently rented the C100 and shared some of this thoughts on the camera system as well as the Cinema lenses that accompany the camera.

Q: Why did you choose to rent the Canon C100 (versus the 5D Mark III, C300, C500)?
A: The project we were shooting was for web only and didn't have much post so HD was fine to shoot in. We shoot with the  5D Mark III regular and its great! But the UI and form factor make it a little tiring, also the lack of waveform is kind of a pain. When I tested it out in rentals I found it very intuitive I got the feel for the C100 and its functions right away (which was great since I was shooting the next morning.)

Q: You mentioned that you liked the Cinema lenses. Why did you like the Cinema lenses so much? What were the benefits? What lens was your favorite to work with?
A: They are FAST, t1.3 is awesome! It pulls focus very smooth. We were shooting a pretty contrast scene with the subject brightly lit with BRON Lightpipe (awesome light BTW) on a black glossy background and everything holds
up beautifully.

Q. What was your favorite feature of the C100 (i.e. the ND filters, programmable buttons, etc.)
A: The cineform profile and the waveform. The C100's button's are organized very well too!

Q: I see that you has quite a set up on that camera, what equipment did you add to it?
A: My setup for the C100 was fairly simple, compared to my usually 5d rig. I had to 7" monitors (1 with passthrough), the Redrock double follow focus (I operate the camera from either side depending on the setup and I dont have to remount it), I had all this mounted on a Zacuto base and rails (making easy to balance), then I a had it on Fred's Combo jib and rolling sticks.

Q: Any other comments or opinions?
A: Just that it was a fun camera to use. Its a lot more smooth of a work day than using a 5d and lot less gear hanging off rig.

Q: Would you rent the camera again?

Here are some behind the scenes photos from his shoot!

The C100 is available to rent at Foto Care for $275 per day/weekend and $825 per week. The rental staff will gladly show you the ropes to help you get shooting.
You can also purchase the C100 at Foto Care for $6,499 (body only).