Thursday, March 21, 2013

Foto Care Featured Studio: Parlay Studios

Parlay Studios is an 11,000 square foot studio with three drive in stages.  Seen here, the 5,000 main stage and corner cyc. 

 Parlay Studios is a fantastic studio space located in Jersey City. We had the opportunity to chat with Adam Himber, Executive Producer at Parlay Studios, for a more in-depth look at what this space is all about.

Foto Care: When was Parlay established?
Adam Himber: We opened for business in 2009.  The idea was to create a unique, cool, functional space for both photography and video production that had a lot of square footage but was still really convenient.

FC: Where is Parlay located? Are all of your studios in the same location?
AH: It's really true what they say about location, location, location, and we got very lucky with ours.  Parlay is situated in the Waterfront District of Jersey City, literally 10 minutes from Soho.  I can't tell you how many of our clients show up really early because it took them so little time to get here. We're just a few steps from the PATH which connects us straight to Midtown, and the Holland tunnel is just 4 blocks away.  We have hotels, restaurants and bars all within walking's really a great spot.

FC: What kind of studio spaces are available? What amenities are included is these studios? What equipment is available?
AH:We have three ground-floor drive-in stages totaling 11,000 square feet.  We also have about 2,000 sf of private production offices which we rent by the day or month and a full service cafe in house.  The stages are typical of what you would find in Manhattan with hair and makeup facilities, private dressing rooms...etc.  What really sets us apart is our open, column-free space and 25 ft ceiling height.  The main stage is great for larger shoots while the two other stages are more intimate while still being really functional. As for equipment, we have Profoto, Broncolor, Kino Flo....all the usual suspects plus grip and expendables.  It's all here.

FC: What kind of services do you offer?
AH: What we are trying to create is the kind of place where you can work, be creative and feel like your job is the most important thing going on.  It's rustic on the outside then this creative haven in the inside. We are very client focused.  When you get to the studio, there's a real welcoming atmosphere.  Very friendly and personal.

FC:Why should photographers choose Parlay?
AH: It's really about the feeling we put into this place.  It's like having your own clubhouse to shoot in.  We are here with all the resources and support if you need it, but hang back so you and your team can use the facility however you want. We have people -all the time- who say they want to live here.  That's exactly the vibe we like.

AH: Our next goal is to take that vibe on the road, so to speak, with location rentals and expendables.  Why drive into Manhattan from points West and North when you can get everything you need here? Studios can be a lot of things, but at the end of the day you want to feel relaxed and still be somewhere where you can be productive.  We try to walk that line by giving our clients, well, more of what they want.  After all, that's our motto...

The motto at Parlay Studios is "More of what you want" and that really seems to be the way that this studio truly operates. For more information on this studio, visit the Parlay Studio website:

Examples of the studio's spaces as well as work created at Parlay are below: