Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air

The Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air!
Have you ever felt that you’ve need a faster and more sturdy battery pack out on a shoot? Well, you’re in luck as Profoto just announced their new Pro-B4 1000 Air on August 24th! This new battery pack is going to be the fastest on the market and don’t take our word for it!
Mark Rezzonico, Vice President from the MAC Group, said,
“Profoto’s new Pro-B4 1000 Air is the fastest, toughest and most versatile battery generator on the market today.” 

Quite a bold statement if you ask me!
What’s really got me excited, though, are those remarkable flash durations down to 1/25,000 of a second! Not to forget that this pack can give a burst of 30 flashes per second when set to a lower power setting, but also never making you wait more than a full second if you want the full power of the pack.
Since you’re always moving and in constant need of power from an on-the-go pack,  Profoto has managed to keep the charge time down to 45 minutes for a full charge on the battery. Of course, as with all Profoto stuff, the Pro-B4 1000 Air is built like a tank as it’s meant to withstand quite a beating in today’s fast-paced photo world.
If you want more info on this pack check out: or stop by in the fall to give it a look in our store.
Some Tech Specs:·
  • Extremely short flash durations – 1/25,000·
  • Exceptionally fast recycling – .99 seconds at full power – 30/fps at low power·
  • Full Power recharge in only 45 minutes·
  • 11 f/stop range – 1/10th f/stop control·
  • Full Profoto “Air” remote control
    More to follow…