Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hasselblad H5D

Introducing the Hasselblad H5D!

We recently shared the news that Hasselblad has introduced the H5D to its H Series at Photokina. The new Hasselblad H5D has a ton of new features, including:

  • New HCD 4.8/24mm lens
  • New macro converter
  • More accurate focusing with True Focus II
  • New immediate focus confirm
  • New print-ready JPG files
  • New compressed multi-shot Raw files for faster and smoother workflow
  • New camera configurator
  • Larger and more ergonomic buttons
  • Larger, easier to read display style
  • Updated graphics user interface
  • More programmable buttons
  • New and improved weather sealing
  • New and faster processors implementing Hasselblad image processing architecture

The H5D system will feature "a modernized design" and "a new electronic engine." The camera system will have larger, "more ergonomic buttons," and new sealing for improved weather proofing and will be available as 40, 50 and 60 megapixels models as well as 50 and 200 megapixel Multi-Shot. Hasselblad will also release the HCD 4.8/24mm lens, which is equivalent to a 17mm lens on a full-frame 35-mm format DSLR for the H series. A new Macro Converter for close-up photography will also be available. 

Peter Stig-Nielsen, Hasselblad's Director of Professional Camera Products said,

"Customers will immediately notice the new-look and improved ergonomics and this progressive system also brings upgraded performance on a number of levels. Hasselblad is a world-leader with an unmatched and comprehensive range of lenses. Now that line has been extended with the new wide angle HCD 4.8/24 mm lens, which offers the same performance as the HCD 28 mm and is the equivalent of a 17 mm on 35 mm DSLR format. Additionally, our new Macro Converter provides excellent close-up performance with the HC 50, HCD 28 and HC 35 lenses - negating the need for additional macro lens purchase."

Now Hasselblad brings users a tethered solution with the Lightroom® 4 tether plug-in so they can have:
  • Full camera control from Lightroom® 4
  • Capture options from both Lightroom® 4 and our H4D
  • Full remote camera control and capture from Phocus Mobile 2.0 through iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®.
More information to come!