Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Open Canon 5D Mk III Raw Files

Updated 4/24/2012

Canon’s replacement for the 5D Mk II was released last week and there was a flurry of movement to the new 5D Mk III.  Unfortunately, almost all of the software regularly used by photographers requires an update to function with the new Canon CR2 (raw) file.  Today we will go over some of the workflows and workarounds that can get you using your 5D Mk III.

Adobe Camera Raw 6.7
Before Adobe releases a new software update they go through a couple of different phases of testing.  Adobe starts with internal versions of the software and builds to the “Release Candidate”.  The Release Candidate is the final step before software is widely released and promoted as functional.
The Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 Release Candidate is available for download from the Adobe Labs website here.  This Release Candidate version will expire on May 31st and will have been replaced by the full release of Camera Raw 6.7.  Also, Camera Raw 6 is only compatible with Photoshop CS5, so anyone using an older version of Photoshop will have to upgrade.
This upgrade will allow you to open the 5D Mk III CR2 file in the Camera Raw interface of Photoshop.  The interface will not have changed from earlier versions of Camera Raw

Adobe DNG raw converter
Adobe has a Release Candidate version of the DNG Converter 6.7 available on the Adobe Labs website here.  Users can convert the file from CR2 to DNG, which will work in an older raw workflow.

Canon Utilities
The CR2 file from a Mk III can be interpreted by any of the software that Canon included with the camera.  The EOS Digital Solution disk version 25 (pictured below) has an updated version of Digital Photo Professional and EOS Utility.  DPP will allow you to convert files from CR2 to 8 or 16-bit tiffs, which you can then use in a raw workflow.

Canon Asia has issued an update to DPP to 3.11.26 to fix a bug that was causing softness in raw file conversions.  A translated page with the download can be found here.

Link on Canon USA for DPP 3.11.26 here

EOS Utility currently provides the only tethered support for the 5D Mk III. This option will only work with for Mac users on OS 10.6.8 or newer.