Thursday, August 23, 2012

Foto Care Featured Online Magazine: Karin + Raoul

Started nearly six years ago as an online gallery-style publication, Karin + Raoul has now evolved into a full print magazine showcasing provocative, sexy fashion, documentary and portrait photography. Below are some samples and excerpts from the most recent issue, The Addiction Issue.

Interview with photographer Photographer Kareem Black
Many people who immerse themselves in the creative process confess that the greatest of their addictions are their creative outlets, and the same is true for Black. He radiates an almost palpable pain when describing being disconnected from his creative process, however brief. “The highs of great shoots are amazing, but those feelings don’t last forever and you’re always looking for the next fix. It can be a very violent thing.” But much unlike most artists who choose to focus solely on their artistry, Black also has a genuine interest in navigating the business world.

© Kareem Black

Women Who Shine : Can’t Slow Down
Close your eyes. Imagine you’re standing in the desert or in the middle of a dry field, with some dry weeds in it. Then, out of nowhere, someone is lighting up matches or a candle. One small light and yest, so significant, so powerful. And then, the wind comes and the candle starts to flicker. It starts to burn into a wild fire. This is how Amy Secada moves and dances. Like a wild fire! (words written by Sylvan Askayo)

© Erica Simone

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Our mission is to publish smart and creative imagery from photographers who strive to celebrate and document the sexy world we live in.  We have become dedicated to the cultivation of the personal, the mysterious, and the sexy.  Karin + Raoul serves up a wide cache of sensual art and is a brand that supports the personal works of professional photographers.  Karin + Raoul brings attention to the images, ideas, and products that are stimulating to those of a like sensibility. Our goal is to showcase the common in an uncommon way.
- Karin + Raoul Publications